How to Paint Cabinets without Sanding


Instead of renovating the whole kitchen, you can decide to give it a fresh paint coat. Therefore, before you start the procedure, you can use the following materials which will help you do the job. You will need a Greece-cutting cleaner, wash clothe, scrubbing sponge, screwdriver, liquid deglosser, paintbrush, paint roller, silver spray paint, painter’s tape, white cabinet enamel, and thumbtacks.

First, you will have to remove any grime and dirt. With the use of a scrubbing sponge, you will thoroughly wipe down the surfaces of the cabinet using the Greece-cutting cleaner, and ensure that you remove all the grime and dirt.

Then, you will have to apply the liquid deglosser. Rather than sanding, you can save time as well as money when you pour some liquid deglosser onto the washcloth and apply on the cabinet, using small circular motions.

The next step is to label all the dors and remove every hardware. You will have to label every door, with a painters tape, before the removal. You will then have to remove all the hinges and hardware with the use of a screwdriver or a power drill. Then, you can clean out the inside of the cabinet. You are to remove every shelving and wipe out the inside of the cabinets.

You are then required to paint the back of the cabinet. You will lay the cabinet doors out flat, with the backside facing up, and then you will use the paint roller to have a thin layer of the white enamel cabinet painted on it.

The next step is to insert the thumbtacks. You will then push the thumbtacks into every corner of the doors, and then flip it over with the use of the tacks to prop the door off the ground, to help in drying the backside when you are painting the front of the cabinet
You will then paint the outside corner moulding. You will use a small paintbrush to paint the moldings as well as the detailed areas. You will then paint the front side by switching the roller to cover the flat surface. You will allow the door to have a completely dry, and then apply another coat. You will then paint the shelves and allow them to dry as well, then add some coats. Then, paint the hardware of the cabinet with paint spray and allow them to dry. With the use of the roller, you will paint the wall units

Lastly, finish and then re-hang. With the use of a screwdriver, you will have the knobs and hinges reattached to the dry cabinet doors. Then have the shelves inserted, and you will have a beautiful kitchen cabinet. Visit – RTA Depot

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